The facility is sparkling clean and comfortable. The staff is courteous and friendly. Dr. Simmons is engaging and professional. All this allows the client to be confident and at ease. Most important, I couldn't be more pleased with the results! Body Perfect is first class all the way!

  - Joey Townsend, MD


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I was very excited to hear of the opening of Body Perfect from Dr. Sherry Simmons, a long time customer of my store, The Top Drawer. It is wonderful to be blessed with a head of beautiful black hair, however that also means you get extra beautiful black hair you do not necessarily need or want. I met with Dr. Simmons and established a laser treatment program. Her contemporary office and helpful staff eased all my apprehensions for this first time experience. Well into my treatment, I, for the first time, am hair free. I plan to complete my treatment and who knows what else I will want to do next. I invite you to join me to experience this wonderful feeling!

- Amy Ryan, Owner of The Top Drawer


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In the summer I would get red, irritated bumps in my armpits after shaving. I would use my deodorant, then lotion and finally powder to try and soothe the painful burning. When I heard about laser hair removal, I jumped at the chance to try it and get rid of the hair for good. After my first treatment, I noticed the hair in my armpits was already thinner. I loved it when the hair fell out! I can't wait for summer now, knowing I won't have to worry about painfully shaving everyday before I wear my tank tops or swimsuit.

- Lisa Rieck


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The results that Iíve had since receiving treatment with the Body Perfect lasers have been outstanding. I previously had dermabrasion performed by another doctor and had seen very little improvement. I was beginning to think that there was no hope for my severe acne scarring, but after three treatments my skin is incredibly smooth and looks better than it has in years. I am extremely pleased Ėthe results have been truly amazing.

- Julie, Springfield, Illinois


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My son has received treatment for his stubborn acne at Body Perfect and weíre both extremely happy with the results. He had three surgeries in an attempt to remove acne cysts and was facing yet another surgery when he started treatment at Body Perfect. Now his skin is clear and there are no more breakouts. It has been amazing Ėthree surgeries couldnít fix the problem, but the Body Perfect lasers did. Best of all, he has his confidence back.

- A Happy Mother, Springfield, Illinois


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My experience at Body Perfect has been truly exceptional! The spa-like facility is beautiful, clean and upscale. I had come to trust Dr. Simmons, Rebecca and Cathy quickly in my first two visits. Their professionalism shines brightly, leaving you feeling comfortable and confident. I have already noticed the effectiveness of my treatments and I look forward to the long-term benefits.

- S. Smith, Springfield, Illinois


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They say that women should "grow old gracefully". 

First of all, I have not been "graceful" since the day I was born and it is highly unlikely that I will be blessed with elegance and beauty of movement at this point in my life. "Old" is a state of mind. I have met a number of ninety-year olds who could put some people in their sixties to shame. I am aging, but I refuse to grow old. 

With aging, I have noticed changes that I am not thrilled with. My face was beginning to do the Shar-Pei, which I didn't find amusing in the least. I could practically hide small children in my smile lines, which had extended from the corner of my eyes to the far edges of my temples. It was only a matter of time before my hair would part when I smiled! And speaking of lines, my lips were a mess. Have you ever seen a person whose lipstick is running into the vertical lines around their lips? It was very unattractive, but the liver spots, as we call them, on my face were distracting enough that people didn't stare at my lips long. I could go on, but I think you get my drift. It was time to take action. 

Dr. Sherry Simmons at Body Perfect has become one of my best friends. She has helped me feel better about myself. Over the last few months, I have had laser treatments, which have removed the skin discoloration and fine wrinkles on my face. I also have had Botox injections, which eliminated those smile lines on my temple and some frown lines on my forehead. I was pretty nervous about doing this, but it has made a huge difference without rendering me expressionless. My lips have been outlined with dermal filler, which removed those wrinkles without making my lips huge, which she could do if I chose to. All of these changes have been subtle, but such a thrilling improvement! 

Dr. Simmons is a warm and honest person who is a Body Perfectionist. Her staff are lovely and compassionate individuals willing to help you in any way that they can. The facility has been designed for maximum comfort and privacy. I urge anyone who is unhappy with their appearance to consult her. A little (or a lot of) rejuvenation does the soul good!

- Jackie Hansen


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In just a few weeks I will mark my 42nd birthday. In recent weeks Iíve noticed my hearing isnít as keen as it used to be and Iím constantly looking for my reading glasses to be able to see any details on print materials. ACK! Iím getting old. 

But as I looked in the mirror today, I made it a point to realize that since I received the skin rejuvenation treatments at your facility, I actually look younger this birthday than I did last! The effects of the laser treatments have produced much healthier looking skin.

After years of chronic and sometimes acute facial acne, I had a number of enlarged pores that have now shrunk and are barely noticeable. My acne flare-ups have lessened substantially in number and severity. 

The stress lines between the bridge of my nose and frown lines around my mouth have softened. Itís as though the skin on my face is thicker, more supple. And although weíve discussed more intense treatment to the surgical scar on my upper lip, I am pleased to see itís minimized during the three rejuvenation treatments. 

Iím very grateful to have discovered your facility, and feel confident a whole generation of people would love the results of your expertise. Best wishes to you and your staff as you bring better skin to the surface! 

Oh, and Iíve decided that since I look younger this birthday than last, Iím going to subtract one year instead of add one.

- Carla Oller, Owner of Flower Fantasi


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It all started when I asked Dr. Simmons about a dark spot on my right temple. When she looked at my face she also noticed several small red veins and suggested Enhanced Skin Rejuvenation. 

The office is a lovely, beautiful and relaxing place, and I was greeted with a smile from her friendly staff. Prior to the procedure, her assistant applied numbing ointment to my face, which I waited about 30 minutes to take effect, all the while wrapped in a warm soft robe. 

The following week I watched as the freckles on my face darkened and then simply sloughed off; I watched the tiny veins just disappear. By the end of the week the spot on my right temple was completely gone and my entire face looked at least 10 years younger. Needless to say, I was very pleased with the results. 

Since this procedure went so well, I asked about the age spots on my hands. Iíve spent most of my life in the sun and my hands looked 68 instead of 48. Dr. Simmons basically performed the same procedure on my hands and the results are beautiful. Just like my face, I watched the spots fade right before my eyes. Again, the procedure was painless, and the results noticeable within one week. My hands look young again. 

Iíve also had small spider veins on my legs for several years. I must admit this procedure was a little painful, but the numbing ointment helped and the results are well worth it. Iím amazed how I watched the laser zap away the veins instantaneously. 

I highly recommend Body Perfect to all my friends. It is a beautiful place to visit and the results are fantastic. I look at least 10 years younger after only a couple appointments. And, itís been a great boost for my confidence and self esteem.

- Karen Crabtree


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I had a case of severe Rosacea that was somewhat embarrassing to me when I laughed or gave a speech. I was always explaining to people I had not been out in the sun and was not suffering from a sunburn. And when you explain a skin condition, people wonder whether they want to be around you. Last December a friend told me about Body Perfect and laser treatment for Rosacea and other skin or hair problems. I have had two treatments so far and am very satisfied with the results. My skin now has a normal hue and I feel so much more comfortable being up in front of people. Iím glad I tried it; it really works.

- Larry Yarrington


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I have to let you know how pleased I am with Body Perfect. As a sales executive for a major fashion company it's my job to project a positive image. This year I turned 50 and I saw signs of aging. Looking in the mirror each day I felt the area around my nose and mouth had lost its fullness. I had a consultation with the beautiful Dr. Simmons and her suggestion was Restylane and Botox. I was extremely pleased with the results! In a matter of minutes the deep nasofold lines disappeared! She also filled my lip area and the results were unbelievable. I looked 10 years younger. 

The best part was there was no down time! I was able to return to work immediately. Friends and family noticed that something had changed but they could not put their finger on it. The feedback was incredible. Let me not forget to mention that the results from the laser also took away the broken capillaries and all the ugly brown spots from my years of sun exposure. My complexion glows. Body Perfect will be an integral part of my life. Thank you to the professional staff who made me feel so comfortable and answered all of my questions.

- Nancy Callahan



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