BOTOX® Cosmetic and Dysport® are trade names for the FDA approved botulinum toxin type A. It is a purified protein injected by a Body Perfect professional to relax facial muscles in the forehead, eye, lip, nose, chin, and neck areas. Lines begin to soften in 1 - 3 days, full effect is seen at ten days and results last 3 to 4 months.

• Dysport® -

• BOTOX® Cosmetic -

Areas to Treat
  • Frown Line Fader – The area at the top of the nose and between the eyes is known as the glabellar area. Vertical lines here make one appear angry or worried. Frown Line Fader gives one a more peaceful and pleasant appearance. $250 & up

  • Crows Feet Clean Up – Lines at the outer edges of the eye caused by squinting can make one appear mean, exhausted or skeptical. Crows Feet Clean Up restores a young, rested and kind persona. $300 & up

  • Forehead Finisher – Horizontal creases on the forehead may cause an aged, questioning or scared expression. Forehead Finisher relaxes these lines, resulting in a serene, youthful and smooth finish. $200 & up

  • Lip Line Eliminator – Vertical lines around the lip make one appear harsh and bitter. Lip Line Eliminator eases these lines and makes the person look as though they have a sweet, gentle demeanor. $100 & up

  • Choice Chin – Uneven muscle tone in the chin area may cause asymmetry and unwanted dimpling. Choice Chin will relax the muscles, resulting in a smoother and better proportioned chin. $75 & up

  • Brow Lift –A small amount of Neuromodulator can block the depressor muscles of the eye and give a slight lift to the eye. $150 & up

Other areas for Neuromodulator use  Neck cords (strap muscles), Marionette lines (frowning mouth), and Bunny lines (horizontal lines at the top of the nose)

BOTOX® Cosmetic was FDA approved in 2006 for hyperhydrosis, which is excess sweating.  It can be used in the armpits, to keep you from embarrassing moments and ruining your clothes.  It can also be used for sweating of the palms, soles of the feet or the upper lip.

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VASER ®LipoSelection -

VASER LipoSelection is an advanced 'in office' procedure that uses ultrasound to melt unwanted fat while preserving vessels, nerves and connective tissue.  Smooth body contouring can be performed on any area, recovery is fast, results are predictable with minimal pain and bruising. $2500 & up per area.

Coolsculpting by Zeltiq -

Coolsculpting by Zeltiq
$1500 per area

SmoothShapes® -

This FDA approved treatment for cellulite requires two treatments a week for four weeks.  It is relaxing and totally pain free.  Cellulite is reduced and new trials are on-going to measure a decrease in circumference.  $2000 per area.


LipoTherapy, a form of mesotherapy, is an alternative treatment for cellulite and localized fat deposits. Injections of phosphatidylcholine, a fat melting substance, mixed with powerful enzymes and other medications are given every other week for 2-8 treatments.  While this therapy is new in the United States, the French Society of Mesotherapy has been in existence since 1964. Mesotherapy is an effective way to lose fat without surgery, anesthesia or dieting.  Multiple injections force the fat from the adipose site, which is melted away and excreted by the body.  Dr. Simmons is one of a select few Physicians to be board certified in mesotherapy.

Made to Order Lipotherapy-Problematic areas of fat deposits, which can scar your overall appearance and can be impossible to reduce by exercise, can be injected with a fat melting substance to dissolve the fat over treatment time.  Some of the more common areas to treat are listed below.  Small areas need three to six treatments, while larger areas need eight to twelve treatments.

LipoTherapy/MesoTherapy Services:

  • Turkey Wobble Melt — Multiple injections under the chin dissolve the fat and minimize this unsightly bulge. Three to six treatments are needed.  $200 and up per session

  • Skin Smoothie — Smooth out the dimpled cellulite skin with multiple injections into the problematic cellulite areas. Please note that cellulite treatment works best when combined with Laser treatment. Price dependent on the size of the area to be treated.  $300 and up per session

  • Small areas of fat deposits. $200 and up


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Laser Hair Removal -

Lasers are the most permanent form of hair removal.  Lasers target the melanin in the hair follicle destroying hair that is in the growth phase. Hair in the inactive phase of growth is not destroyed, which is why multiple treatments are needed. The end result is permanent hair reduction, the remaining hair is much finer and lighter.  Most clients require six to eight treatments done once every three months over the course of 12-18 months.

Laser Hair Removal Services:
  • Under arm – $150
  • Bikini line – $100-200
  • Entire pubic – $500
  • Upper Lip – $100
  • Chin – $150-200
  • Uni-brow – $100
  • Legs Knee Down – $250
  • Thigh – $250
  • Full Leg - $400
  •  Back - $300
  •  Neck (hair line) - $100
  •  Areola - $100
  •  Nose - $100
  •  Ears - $150
  •  Forearm - $150

 Others areas by request.



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Laser Treatments

Lasers are a safe and effective way to correct imperfections. There are currently 25 FDA cleared applications for Body Perfect lasers, some of which are listed here. Treatments are quick, virtually painless and require little or no down time.  Most procedures require three or more treatments spaced one to three months apart.

Laser Treatment Services:

  • Wrinkle Reduction - $400

(Collagen Stimulation)

  • Acne – $250

  • Acne with levulan  – $500

  • Tattoo removal – $200-$600

  • Roascea/Facial Veins – $400

  • Leg vein treatment – $200—$600

  • Enhanced Skin Rejuvenation – $600

  • Enhanced Hand Rejuvenation – $300

  • Mole Removal – $100 each

  • Brown Facial Pigment/Melasma  –  $400

  • Scar Revision – Consultation needed

  • Laser Peel – $300-$600

  • Sun Spots  –  $100 and up

  • Under-eye Dark Circles  –  $150

  • Nasal Veins  –  $150

  • Port Wine Stain - No charge

  • Stretch Marks  –  $300-$600


Gemini™ - 1064nm Nd Yag
532nm KTP
Lyra™ - 1064nm Nd Yag
Venus™ - 2940nm Erbium

Lumenis® -

LightSheer™ - 810nm Diode

Lutronics -

Spectra™ Q-switched - 532nm KTP
  1064nm Nd Yag
  585nm Pulsed Dye
  650nm Pulsed Dye

Lasering USA -

MixtoSX ™ Fractional CO2 - 10,600nm


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Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are injections used to restore volume or correct facial lines. There are many fillers on the market today. All fillers used at BodyPerfect™ are FDA approved. Choice of filler is determined by the area treated, lasting effects and other properties.

Dermal Filler Services:

  • Collagen is known as Zyderm, Zyplast, Cosmoderm or Cosmoplast. Collagen was FDA approved in 1978 and was used exclusively until 2002 when Restylane was introduced and became the dermal filler of choice. Today collagen is rarely used due to the cost and short term ( 3 months) duration. When it is used it is best for fine lines around the mouth. $400 and up.
  • Hyaluronic Acids known as trade names are Restylane®, Juvéderm®, Perlane®, Hylaform®, and Captique®.  These are good for vertical lip lines, lip fillers, marionette lines and nasolabial folds.  They last about six months. $650 & up.
  • Calcium Hydroxylapatite-Radiesse® once known as Radiance® is a semi-permanent filler used in the nasolabial folds.  It is also used for marionette lines, forehead lines, correcting nasal irregularities and scars.  It lasts about one year. $750
  • Poly-L-Lactic Acid-Sculptra® is the filler used for areas of volume loss, jowls, nasal labial folds, marionette lines and scars.  This filler actually stimulates collagen and effects last up to two years but may require more than one session.  $800 & up.

Some estimated costs are listed below:

  • Full lip – $1330
  • Lip Line – $625
  • Nasal labial folds – $800
  • Marionette Lines – $800
  • Lines – $300 & up
  • Scars – $300 & up

Restylane®/Perlane® -

Juvederm® -

Radiesse® -

Sculptra® -

Artefill® -


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Minimally Invasive Procedures

Fractional CO2 Laser Peel- $1000

The treatment of choice for acne scars or signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, skin laxity and uneven pigmentation is Micro Fractional CO2 Laser Skin Rejuvenation.

Thread Lift / FeatherLift

A minimally invasive procedure using threads under the skin to give a subtle lift to cheeks, neck, or jaw line area. At least two threads on each side are used. $1600 per area.

Wire Thread Release- $1000

The wire thread is used to reduce deep creases, such as the nasolabial fold or frown line furrows. It can also be used on neck line and is excellent for some types of deeply intended scarred areas.


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